2016-2017 Lectures
We strive to hold true to our commitment in providing the Ocean Reef Community with art education and to promote active participation in our
community to achieve focus on the arts as an important segment of the cultural landscape. If you have any interest in sponsoring upcoming
lectures or if you have any suggestions for the programs to come, please contact Sherri Harris.

Kingdom of the Zulus: From the Savanna to the Sea
presented by Ardmore Founder Fée Halsted
Wednesday, January 11
4:00pm | Cultural Center
Fée Halsted, the founder of Ardmore, South African Ceramics, will be traveling from South Africa
to talk about her remarkable life teaching African people how to sculpt and paint ceramics,
explaining how a deprived rural community has been uplifted in the course of creating extraordinary works of art.
Fée will highlight the talented artists involved in creating these unique African designs, many of whom have
become recognized artists in their own right. Fée will also be presenting
master-classes at the Art League, to share the techniques involved in crafting Ardmore ceramic
About Fee Halsted:
Fée is the founder of Ardmore Ceramic Art in the Natal Midlands of South Africa. She has been nurturing artistic
talent in this remote area since 1985 and has trained more than
a hundred Zulu and Zimbabwean men and women to create Ardmore’s unique designs featuring African animals
and birds. Fée mentors the artists and guides the evolution of each piece of Ardmore ceramic art, which is
individually sculpted and hand-painted in exuberant color. Two or three artists work in collaboration to create the
artworks in a spirit of cooperation described as “Ubuntu”, meaning “we are because of others.” The artists at
Ardmore are known in their community as the “Isigweli”, the fortunate ones and are encouraged to share their
earnings to benefit others.
Fée is a passionate award-winning artist and teacher, who has been recognized for her art as
well as her humanitarian work. In 2010, Fée was honored by Women’s Campaign International for
her role in empowering women and improving their lives. In 2015, Fée was awarded an Honorary
Doctorate from the University of KZN in Pietermaritzburg for her contribution to uplifting rural

Photographer William J. Harrigan presents Underwater in your Backyard
Thursday, February 23
4:00pm | Cultural Center
Bill will introduce you to the incredible abundance of our Key Largo coral reefs.
He has dived and photographed many other reef systems in the Bahamas and the Caribbean and is always
amazed at the number of fish we have right here at home. While showing very colorful, high
resolution underwater photos of fish, coral and marine invertebrates, all taken right here in Key Largo, he will
also include interesting facts about the fish, the reef in general and the ways we can all enjoy it.
About William J. Harrigan:
Bill has always loved the ocean and since his first scuba dive in 1964, he
has made thousands of dives from Alaska to Australia. He made his first two underwater camera
housings by hand, learning the craft from personal experience and advice from pioneers in the field.
Bill graduated from Yale University in 1972 with a degree in marine biology and in 1991 received
a Master’s in marine area management from the University of Rhode Island.
Bill served as manager of the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary from 1984 to 1987 and later directed
the National Marine Sanctuary Program. In 1992, he served as head of the Planning and Management Section of
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.
Since 1993, Bill has been working full time as a writer/photographer in the Florida Keys. He has
written and photographed over two hundred articles for dive magazines such as Skin Diver, Sport
Diver and Alert Diver. He has also authored a dive and snorkel guide to the Florida Keys for Lonely
Planet Publications and co-authored a dive guide to the Cayman Islands.